Trekking and Driving tours

Crossed by one of the highest altitude international highways in the world, home to multiple ethnic groups and nomadic peoples, and boasting numerous peaks over 7,000 meters, it's best to experience Pamir with a tour combining travel on foot, by yak, and from the comfort of a durable vehicle.

Dushanbe - Osh

11 Days

Travel along one of the highest altitude highways in the world with several days of hiking and yak-riding to experience many highlights of Pamir in a short time.

Mountain Treks

3, 4, and 7 Days

Trek into the mountains to see beautiful and dramatic vistas and experience the hospitality of the nomadic people living there.

Dushanbe - Osh

19 Days

Enjoy the beauty of Tajikistan on a journey along the legendary Pamir Highway with many exciting trekking days and scenic jeep transfers!

Zorkol lake Trek

4 Days

This short trekking itinerary is ideal for those who, in addition to the Pamir Highway, want to visit a lesser known part of Tajikistan. We will trek to the remote Zorkol lake, at the intersection of China, Pakistan and Tajikistan.

Fann Mountains Trek

5 Days

This trekking itinerary is ideal for those who, in addition to the Pamir area, want to visit the famously beautiful mountains in northwest Tajikistan. We will camp at many beautiful lakes surrounded by snow-covered peaks.

Alay mountain range trek

15-21 Days

Discover this incredible mountain range on the border between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Trekking in this region will give you the opportunity to have a look at giant 7000 m peaks from a unique perspective!

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